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BMW R18 Training

Quick Overview

After meeting everyone over a cup of coffee, the course kicks off with some necessary theory, thereafter practical tuition and plenty of riding on specially prepared training facilities to safely teach you   different  techniques in a safe environment.  It is a intensive course and we recommend you arrive well rested and hydrated - start drinking water the previous day, even if its cold and wet.

 This 1 day course is designed to teach you the basic on-road techniques for specifically the BMW R18 and plus size bikes.   

 Some key elements that is covered in the course:

 •       Basic theory
 •       Good habits and body positioning
 •       Tight slow maneuvers and cornering at slow speeds
 •       U- Turns and figure of 8 
 •       Emergency braking techniques
 •       Faster cornering techniques


Your own motorcycle 

Full protective gear

Please ensure you bring adequate protective clothing with you to the course. Riding has its inherent risks and we believe in prevention rather than cure! We have helmets , gloves and riding jackets available on request. 

  • Helmet 
  • Boots. 
  • Gloves
  • Protective trousers and jacket (or jeans)
  • Cap & sunscreen
  • Camel back (hydration pack) or water bottle is highly recommended if not essential to make sure you do not dehydrate.  

 However, there will be occasional breaks to quench your thirst.

  • Rain suit (if necessary).  If we expect rain, training will continue and you will get even better value for your money as we'll teach you to handle your bike in wet conditions.  Except  for extreme weather conditions – course will be rescheduled.


  1. You have to be comfortable with balance on the motorcycle.
  2. A reasonable level of fitness is recommended as training can be both quite physically and emotionally   intensive.
  3. Drink plenty of water before and during the course.
  4. Especially in the colder months, wear layers of clothing which can be peeled off as it usually gets warmer in the day.
  5. If you have time, familiarize yourself with the controls of your bike as described in the bike’s manual.  
In case of heavy rain, course will be rescheduled, however in light rain course will continue!

DATES 2024: 13-16 Jan, 7-14 Mar, 16-9 April, 14-17 May, 11-14 June, 16-19 July, 13-16 Aug, 10-13 Sep, 9-15 Oct, 12-15 Nov
1 Day. 08:30 sharp until  +-16:00 (All training days are scheduled Monday's - Sunday's)
VENUE: Zwartkops Raceway, R55 Road, Pretoria West, 0183
FEE: R3500 per rider ( maximum 2 riders )  
INCLUDED: Tuition, coffee at arrival, certification & loads of fun! 
EXCLUDED: Food available at canteen , fuel, insurance, use of a bike and anything not stated as included above.
INTENDED FOR: If you recently purchased a BMW R18 or still feel uncomfortable riding your plus size motorcycle