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Quick Overview

The City TRAX team is looking forward to welcoming you to one of our training venues which has been selected to comply with the high standards of City TRAX, considered to be the benchmark of off-road and on-road motorcycle training in South Africa.  

The academy is headed by Jan ´Staal´ du Toit who started the academy in 2000 and who has since developed a curriculum for courses which is adapted for our South African conditions. City TRAX is jointly operated and managed by a team of  2 instructors.  They are BMW internationally certified instructors under the watchful eye of Jan du Toit. Needless to say, they comply with the national high standard of the academy. 
Double your skills and halve your fears in one day.
City TRAX offers its training to all on-road riders, irrespective of what brand of bike they ride and aims at making a positive contribution to the development of on-road riding in South Africa.
About the course
After meeting everyone over a cup of coffee, the course kicks off with some necessary theory, thereafter practical tuition and plenty of riding on specially prepared training facilities to safely teach you different techniques in a safe environment.  It is an intensive course and we recommend you arrive well rested and hydrated - start drinking water the previous day, even if its cold and wet.
This 1 day course is designed to teach you the more advanced higher speed cornering techniques for all on-road and adventure bikes.   

Some key elements covered in the course:
•       Basic theory
•       Leaning vs steering
•       Counter steering
•       Slalom
•       Emergency Braking and avoidance
•       track theory/cornering discussion (entry , apex and exit)
•       exploring the track
•       Body position
•       Braking and acceleration points
•       Time on the track (Zwartkops Raceway)

DURATION: 1 Day. 08:00 sharp until  +-17:00 (All training days are scheduled on Wednesday’s)
VENUE: Zwartkops Raceway, R55 Road, Pretoria West, 0183
FEE: R1050 per rider (applicable to scheduled dates) excluding track fee to pay on the day of training  ±R600
INCLUDED: Tuition, coffee at arrival, light lunch, refreshments x3, certification & loads of fun!
EXCLUDED: Fuel, insurance, use of a bike and anything not stated as included above.
INTENDED FOR: The course was originally intended for on-road training of any brand and size!
PREREQUISITE: You have to be somewhat of an experienced rider or at least attended an intro or intermediate course in the past.